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Wyman Lake, Maine

Wyman Lake, Moscow, Maine

This area offers opportunities for boating (jet skis allowed) (hidden falls, mountainous views, islands, and Great fishin'), canoing, kayaking, white water rafting, fishing (cast, fly, or ice fishing), swimming, biking, hiking (Appalachian Trail just up the road), BBQ'ing, dining, hunting, scenic airplane rides, wildlife viewing, National Scenic Byway, foliage trips, Maine's largest natural waterfalls (Moxie & Caratunk falls), snowmobiling/ATV riding (ITS 87 for example), or just plain ol' relaxing! You name it! It's all here! And we're just seven miles north of Moscow/Bingham where you can find all the big city conveniences! (except McDonalds). Here we are, right on Rt. 201, just where you should be!
(Oh, and by the way, just 30 minutes away you can find
Summer Stock Theater - Lakewood Theater, Dunkin' Donuts, McDonalds, golfing, Walmart and more!!!)

Pleasant Ridge, Moscow, Caratunk, Carrying Place, Bowtown and The Forks, Twps.
Somerset County
(U.S.G.S. Bingham, Little Bigelow Mtn. and The Forks, Maine)

Salmon, Brook trout, Lake trout (togue), Rainbow trout, Yellow perch, Chain pickerel, Hornpout (bullhead), Smelt, Eel, Whi.te sucker, Longnose sucker, Minnows, Creek chub, Lake chub, Minnows, Fallfish (chub), Pearl dace, Blacknose dace, Finescale dace, Redbelly dace, Common shiner, Golden shiner, Blacknose shiner, Fathead minnow, Cusk, Threespine stickleback, Pumpkinseed sunfish, Banded killifish, Freshwater sculpin.

Physical Characteristics
Area - Approx. 3,146 acres
Maximum depth - 140 feet
Suface - 76°F.
130 feet - 46°F.
Principal Fishery: Salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout,
yellow perch, chain pickerel, smelt.

Wyman Lake was formed in 1930 by a 150 foot dam on
the Kennebec River and impounds water for approximately
15 miles. Power generation and log driving have been
the main use of the impoundment. Department concern
for a fishery at Wyman lake has not been a high
priority until recently. This lake has had little
fishin~ pressure in the past due to the log drives and
the storage of pulpwood in the lake itself. Since the
elimination of the drive in 1978, fishing pressure has
increased .

...excerpted from the Maine IFW website.
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